Howdy! I’m Liz. And even though I said “howdy,” I’m not from the South. I just like to keep things lively and friendly 🙂

I started this blog because I’m about the embark on a big life change–I’m getting married. Although my fiancé Tim and I have been together for four years, actually walking down the aisle will be a big shift for us. We’ll be moving in together, I’ll be becoming a dog mom, and we’ll be officially merging our lives. It seemed like a good time to start writing down my thoughts about things and sharing what I’m learning along the way. Believe it or not, getting married and planning a life together isn’t just about choosing wedding colors and picking out flower arrangements. Big things currently on our list of questions:

  • How do we handle blended families at the wedding?
  • How do we merge finances?
  • Do we buy a house or keep renting?
  • How can we make more money to meet our financial goals?
  • Does Tim go back to school (and, if so, how do we afford it)?
  • Where do we go on the honeymoon? (not such a big question but more fun to think about)

Yeah, so no big deal…

To be honest, I’m not sure I know how any of these things will work out. And that’s ok right now, I think. I’ll be working through research, asking for opinions, and thinking and feeling my way through all of it. This website will be about sharing what I’m learning and probably venting sometimes, too.

Thanks for stopping by!